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Updated: May 21, 2019

Well hello there! Welcome to Aubin Jewellery - formerly known as Aubeebop Jewellery. Yup, I have dropped the BOP. I've been thinking about it for a little while now and I felt that with my work evolving into a new style it was time bit of a shake up, so I decided to go for it. So why the need for a shake up you might ask. Prepare yourself for some awful cliches......


The last few years have brought many changes, one of them being motherhood. With less time and more juggling than before, I've simply had to focus my time in a way that brings about the most joy as well as the most productivity of course! Now that I have a little slice of regular making time I've decided to save a chunk of it to create one-off pieces as well as collections. And, if there is something I decide I don't want to repeat or create into a full range then the choice is mine to do so. It's a revelation, I am in charge of my own destiny who would have thought?


Motherhood has taught me that all you can do is simply be yourself, there is nowhere to hide. This is one of the many reasons for 'Bop drop', see what I did there? Ahem, anyway I felt it was time to just be me and having an odd name kinda helps. So it's cheerio Aubeebop and a hello there to just me, no embellishment just me.

Hopefully the cliches weren't too annoying! Thanks for reading and I'll pop some more chat in here next month.


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